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Cold calling & “cold e-mailing” companies. BEWARE!!

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We will never tire of warning members about the potential dangers of dealing with companies that contact you out of the blue – either by phone or by e-mail. It’s as simple as this, if you haven’t contacted the company in question, our advice is to avoid any dealings with companies that operate in this manner.

A new(?) company is apparently doing the rounds, as an owner from The Harbour Club and another from Elite Fuerteventura Club have received e-mails. Neither recall there being any solicited contact of the company in question. Whilst we are only talking of two owners, there could be many more who have been contacted as we imagine a vast majority will (hopefully) ignore the e-mail and do nothing further. However, there could be many who do. We greatly appreciate the diligence of those owners who have let us know, as it allows us to alert you.

Far be it from us to judge this company as perhaps they offer a bona fide service, nevertheless, we do not condone their modus operandi, which seemingly involves scaremongering and cold contacting timeshare owners. E-mails are coming from a general  “@live.co.uk” address, rather than a corporate one.

The company in question is “Holiday Opportunities” and is featured on the TATOC Cold Callers List.

Why do we object to cold calling/contacting and warn members about these companies? It’s simple: the only time that we – like the vast majority of timeshare management and development companies – will pass your details on to a third party is if this is required by law, or to process a membership or reservation. Elite Club Resorts does not sell or otherwise provide your details to third partiesso, how did this company get our member’s details and how did it know they had a timeshare?beware

Charity Night at HC Wine Bar & Terrace raises 2000 euros

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Charity Night
For the fourth year running The Wine Bar & Terrace held a Charity Gala Night to raise funds for Helping Hands Tenerife – charity set up to help less fortunate children on the island & Live Arico Paws – an animal welfare charity.

Entertainment was provided by The Gillian Banks Theatre School on their charity fund raising tour and the food put on, of course, by The Wine Bar & Terrace. The star prize of a holiday was provided by none other than The Harbour Club. 2000€ was raised to be shared between the two charities. Hats off to all for a great initiative!

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ITRA – cold calling?

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alarmOne of our UK members has informed us that they were recently contacted by phone and by e-mail by an organisation known as ITRA – “International Timeshare Refund Action”. According to our member, the first contact was made by ITRA – in other words a cold call – and they were asked if they “still owned a timeshare”.

This should immediately start alarm bells ringing as we have warned on numerous occasions about cold-calling companies. If you are or have been contacted by this company, or indeed any other which cold calls timeshare owners, ask yourself a further question… how did this company get my details and how did it know I had a timeshare? The only time that we will pass your details on to a third party is if this is required by law, or to process a membership or reservation. Elite Club Resorts does not sell or otherwise provide your details to third parties.

We recommend that members apply a simple rule when dealing with timeshare or timeshare related companies. Do not deal with cold callers and do not pay any money up front.

We do not wish to make any judgement on ITRA, but rather believe members should do so, by having a look at the following links:



ICE Platinum Rewards – still not signed up?

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Contact us if you want to sign up for ICE Platinum Rewards and find out how. Free two year affiliation available to members! Conditions may apply.

Craft & Agricultural Market

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cartel Mercado Artesanal Caleta de Fuste

Don’t miss out! Use your week!

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More often than we would like owners miss out on a holiday because they allow their alloted week to pass by without using it or depositing it which after paying your maintenance fees is a great shame. Many think that if the week has passed all is lost… but not with Elite Club Resorts! Unlike other companies which may have no qualms in telling you that you missed your week and there is nothing that canbe done, we believe that if you have paid for it, you should be able to use it! Logical really! And what’s more, we don’t unfairly discriminate owners who have purchased via resales.

Therefore, if your week has passed and you haven’t used it or deposited it… don’t fret! Contact us and we will still let you use it via our internal exchange system, with two years before it will expire (i.e. if the week is from 2014, you have until the end of 2016 to book it).

Alternatively, even though you can’t deposit with other external exchange systems, with our own proprietary system Arena Destinations, where a week is a week (one week = one credit), you can! We will glady credit your Arena exchange account with a credit in lieu of using the week internally, allowing you to travel anywhere in the world and for an exchange fee of just 99€.

Use the contact page to get in touch with us and find out more.

ICE Platinum Rewards – latest member offer!

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The latest offers from ICE Platinum Rewards! Not yet signed up? Contact us to find our more and take advantage of the free initial membership (conditions may apply).

What’s On: Virgen del Carmen Celebrations (Our Lady of Mount Carmel)

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The Virgen del Carmen (or Our Lady of Mount Carmel) is patron saint of the sea in Spain… so it is usual for fishing villages to celebrate “fiestas” in her honour in July every year.

In Tenerife, many villages celebrate fiestas and one of those is Puerto Santiago, just down the road from The Harbour Club. These take place between 3rd and 17th July.

For any visitors, you might be interested in the programme which we have translated for you below:

Thursday 3rd

Local Music Festival, organised by the Town Hall of the Historic Town of Santiago del Teide.

Friday 4th
Inauguration of the Celebrations
4pm – Arrival of Radio Curbelo at Puerto Santiago’s public square to “liven up” the celebrations in honour of the Virgen del Carmen.

5.30pm – Breakdance Competition Concurso Breakdance (organiza Ayuntamiento de la Villa Histórica de Santiago del Teide).

11pm – Concert with “NI UN PELO DE TONTO” and DJ DIAZ

Saturday 5th

6pm – Open water swimming between Playa de la Arena and Puerto de Santiago

10pm – Youth Concert with the performances of: ROMÁNTICO LATINO – VIEJA ESCUELA – DJCREW – DJ JENNY

Sunday 6th

From 11am – Inflatable Castles
From 4.30pm – Children’s entertainment (4 hours) with Balloon modeling, singing games, face painting, tug of war, etc.
9pm Gala for the Election of the Infant Queen with performances by GRUPO SOL, GRUPO LAS ARANZAZU, GRUPO DANCER VANE, SHOW INFANTIL KOMBA

Monday 7th
From 4pm – Card Games and Domino Tournament
From 7pm – Zumba Festival
From 9.30pm – “Tu si que Vales” Festival with Orchestra Junior Divertente

Tuesday 8th
From 4pm – Card Games and Domino Tournament
From 9.30pm – Folklore Festival with performances by GRUPO TAMAY, GRUPO RAÍCES DE SANTIAGO DEL TEIDE, GRUPO ADEQUE

Wednesday 9th

9pm – Gala for the election of Queen of the Celebrations in honour of the Virgen del Carmen with performances by SARA PLASENCIA, DANIEL CALERO, MILLENIUM, DJ´DIAZ

Thursday 10th
9pm Opening of the Infant/Youth Night with performances by local groups

This is just a selection of the activities during the two weeks of celebrations, for further programme details, please check with reception.

New arrivals at EFC!

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We are pleased to announce some new arrivals at Elite Fuerteventura Club. We have just this week taken delivery of new sunbeds which are now adorning the swimming pool by the Elite Bar, these are the same style as those already gracing the waterfall pool – and incidentally The Harbour Club in Tenerife.

At the same time, in the same delivery, we have received new terrace tables and chairs which are now in virtually all Elite Fuerteventura Club apartments.

Take a look at the photos!

Tumbonas, mesas y sillas 2014 01Tumbonas, mesas y sillas 2014 04Tumbonas, mesas y sillas 2014 03Tumbonas, mesas y sillas 2014 02Tumbonas, mesas y sillas 2014 05