The Harbour Club family, one hug fits all! Pt. 5

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Resort News:

Apartment refurbishments continue apace, apart from that there is little else to report at the moment.

Staff News:

There are changes in the Pool Bar. Dani is no longer with us and had been replaced by Joe, who now works alongside Martin and Hanay.

Client News:

Get Well wishes go to June Hoyle, Joyce Mellor, Norman Lanston and Judith Blease who continue their fight back to good health.

Congratulations go to Mr Nixon and the Revell family who celebrated birthdays while at HC.

Elite Club Resorts launches Resale Service

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Elite Club Resorts is proud to announce the launch of a comprehensive Resale Service in order to help our members who may wish to resell their ownership due to changing circumstances.

Here at Elite Club Resorts we realise that we have an on-going commitment to our members to provide them with a qualified resale service should they wish to end their ownership. Without a resale service, a natural exit for members whose needs may have changed is sometimes difficult due to the nature of the market. Those changing needs of owners are varied, such as children growing up and moving out of the family home, weakened family finances or perhaps the dissolution of a marriage.

Whatever the reasons, they highlight a common misconception about resales; i.e. that people want to sell their timeshare because they don’t like the product. Nothing could be further from the truth as, according to a recent comprehensive study into timeshare carried out by The Christel DeHaan Tourism and Travel Research Institute at the Nottingham University Business School, 87% of owners are happy with their holidays, with almost three quarters thinking that their timeshare accommodation is better than other self-catering holidays they have taken.

In order to offer this service we have launched an online listing service for our members and for a more wide-reaching service we have chosen Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket (WWTH) as our preffered resale partner.

Through our online listing service and tie in with Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket, we are now able to offer a much wider marketing programme for members wishing to sell their week. WWTH’s advertising campaigns include UK national newspapers, magazines and both terrestrial and digital television as well as digital media avenues.

Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket is dedicated to working with developers in their efforts to make the resale marketplace more stable, as unfortunately, there continue to be a number of unscrupulous operators (see Consumer Alert and Press Release from the OFT) who prey on unsuspecting timeshare owners. For this reason, it was important for us here at Elite Club Resorts to team up with a company that we consider trustworthy and professional. Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket is a market leader as well as being an RDO and TATOC affiliate.

For further details regarding Elite Club Resorts Resales, please contact us.

Carnival 2011 – Tenerife

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The 10th February saw the start of the main preparations for the Santa Cruz Carnival – undoubtedly one of Europe’s most important, if not THE most important – with the presentation of the candidates for Carnival Queen. The preparations for the main party – which converts the centre of Santa Cruz into one big street party – continued afoot with events like the Children’s and Adult’s Murga competitions and yesterday (20th February) the Gala for the election of the Infant Carnival Queen.

This Thursday will see the Senior Carnival Queen elected and the main event next Wednesday 2nd March with the Grand Gala for the election of the Queen of Santa Cruz’s carnival. Friday 4th March will then see the big Opening Parade which heralds the opening of the main carnival. Tenerife residents and visitors alike will then take to the streets in their fancy dress (a must if you don’t want to stick out like a saw thumb!) with the most important nights being Friday 4th, Saturday 5th, Monday 7th, Friday 11th and Saturday 12th March.

Other important events include the “Coso Apoteosis” (Grand Parade) on Tuesday 8th March, the “Burial of the Sardine” on Wednesday 9th March and the Carnival de Día, when the street party takes to Santa Cruz centre during the day on Saturday 12th March.

For more information visit the Tenerife Tourism website.

And to get you in the mood, here’s one of the candidates for the Official Song for 2011 – Chicharrero.

Press Release from the Office of Fair Trading

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OFT launches court action against three companies marketing or selling holiday clubs, and associated schemes

146/10    20 December 2010

The OFT has launched court action against three companies and individuals involved in the marketing or sale of holiday club memberships and other similar products, alleging that the traders mislead people about the sale of their timeshares.

The companies subject to the court action are Incentive Leisure Group Limited, Personal Travel Group Limited and Geo Demographic Market Research Ltd (previously known as the Direct Marketing Partnership Group Ltd).

The OFT alleges that these companies encourage consumers to attend presentations, on the basis that they would be able to get rid of unwanted timeshares with often high management fees and at these presentations, consumers are instead sold very expensive holiday club memberships. In some cases consumers were invited to join what appears to be a pyramid scheme, on payment of a large fee.

The OFT claims that the traders involved engaged in aggressive and misleading sales techniques and believes that consumers attending these presentations are denied cancellation rights provided by consumer protection laws.

Solicitors acting for the traders have denied the allegations made by the OFT and are expected to defend the action.

Jason Freeman, an OFT Legal Director in the OFT’s Consumer Group, said:

‘We are concerned about the impact these traders’ activities are having on consumers, and in particular that they are being misled and denied important rights. We have not been able to reach a voluntary agreement that they will cease the activities that we consider to be unlawful, so we think the best thing now is for the High Court to decide the matter.’

At this point, no assumption should be made that any business or individual has been found to have breached consumer protection legislation.


  1. The OFT is also taking parallel court action against Keith Barker, Martin White, Kimberley Bambroffe, Jonathan Daniels, Mark Gales, Robert Knight and Lily Alderson who are involved in the management and sales of the companies involved in this case.
  2. See the case summary in respect of this investigation.
  3. The OFT began to investigate this matter following a referral from a South East Regional Scambusters Team and the receipt of consumer complaints.
  4. The investigation which resulted in the launching of the court action has been taken under Part 8 of the Enterprise Act 2002. The court action is also taken under Part 8 of the Enterprise Act 2002.
  5. The OFT consulted with the companies and individuals above asking them to sign appropriate undertakings. Although some agreement was reached the businesses have denied all allegations made by the OFT and sought substantial amendments to the proposed undertakings which the OFT has not agreed.
  6. Under Part 8 of the Enterprise Act 2002 the court may make an enforcement order which requires the companies and individuals named to cease or discontinue any breaches of consumer protection laws that may have occurred.
  7. Under Part 8 of the Enterprise Act 2002 the OFT and/or the court may accept appropriate undertakings from the companies and individuals concerned in which they have agreed to cease or discontinue any breaches of consumer protection laws.
  8. The OFT is of the view that the relevant consumer protection laws in this instance are the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (CPRs); the Cancellation of Contracts made in a Consumer’s Home or Place of work etc Regulations 2008 (the CCRs); and the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 (UTCCRs).
  9. It is now for the court to decide whether the activities of these companies and individuals have breached the CPRs, CCRS and the UTCCRS.
  10. The OFT does not provide advice or resolve individual complaints for consumers. Consumers who are concerned they have been unfairly treated or want advice on their personal circumstances can contact Consumer Direct.

The Harbour Club family, one hug fits all! Pt. 4

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Resort News:

Refurbishments continue, as well as general upkeep of pool and general areas.

Staff News:

From the pool bar – Chano is no longer working with us – we wish him well in his new job. We now have a new handsome young man by the name of Dani who is settling in well with Martin and Hanay.

There are no other staff changes.

Wine Bar News:

We have Jamie Rourke, Suzi Q, Sweet Tempations, The Abba Show, The Rock Show, Platinum Blonde and Jools to entertain you.

Client News:

Get Well wishes go to Margaret Lammond, who has broken her hip, and to Judith Blease, who continues to struggle with various mishaps.

Congratulations go to the Milnes twins, who celebrated their birthday while here in early January. Also to Sue Walker who celebrated her birthday while with us.

The Harbour Club family, one hug fits all! Pt. 3

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Resort News:

The refurbishments continue and as most of you are aware the maintenance fees have been held for the third year running! There are new televisions on the terrace now for you to enjoy all your favourite sports events during your stay. There is also WIFI access on our terrace.

Wine Bar News:

A wonderful atmosphere was enjoyed by all, and many thanks go to the fantastic staff of The Wine Bar for their great work over Christmas and New Year.

Into the New Year now and there will be Jamie Rourke, Suzi Q, Sweet Temptations, The Abba show, The Rock Show and Jools to entertain you.

Client News:

Condolences go to the wonderful family of Bill Jerram, who passed away in December.

Get Well wishes go to Wally Smith, who is still fighting strongly. Also to Mr Frankel senior who was taken ill during his visit to HC.

Congratulations go to the lovely granddaughter of June Hoyle, who celebrated her 18th birthday on 02/01.

Consumer Alert

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Elite Club Resorts members are advised to be extremely wary when dealing with other companies who promise to take their timeshare off their hands when purchasing membership of another resort or holiday club. It would appear that many companies have no intention of transferring into their name or attempting to sell weeks that they have “taken responsability for”, rather they will contact us to communicate cancellation, a cancellation which is not possible, or they will simply do nothing at all.

The only manner to discontinue membership is for the week(s) in ownership to be transferred to a new owner via our recognised procedures. Until such time as ownership is transferred in this manner, members continue to be the recognised legal owners and therefore subject to all the obligations involved with ownership, especially those regarding payment of annual maintenance fees.

A handful of owners at Elite Fuerteventura Club and The Harbour Club have purchased products from various companies which operate in this manner, and as part of their purchase have signed documents which they believe to be valid transfer documents and/or handed over their ownership/membership certificate(s).

In reality, the documents that are signed are not valid transfer documents at all and simply state that the company take responsibility for the timeshare or will deal with the transfer of it. The owner in question continues to be the legal owner of the timeshare.

We can provide information on such companies and recommend that prior to entering into any agreement we be contacted for further information.

Members are advised not to part with their ownership certificates without ensuring that the reverse of the certificate is correctly filled in by all parties involved and returned to our head office for processing. If you wish to resell your timeshare, then we advise you to deal only with companies that are members of the Resort Development Organisation. Members are also advised to be wary of companies offering a resale service which involves a visit to their offices; there is absolutely no need for this and any such visit will probably involve a presentation for a product the company sells.

The Harbour Club family, one hug fits all! Pt. 2

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Welcome to the second edition of the new Harbour Club news column.

Resort News:

We continue to provide a good service to owners and visitors alike and we have again been awarded the Hospitality Award by RCI. In actual fact with the points and comments from clients, we are Gold Crown standard in our services.
The refurbishments continue and most clients are delighted with the improvements. We now have new sunbeds around the pool as well as new patio furniture in all the apartments. A big THANK YOU goes to the clients who helped unpack the sunbeds, it was a busy day with a good working team between staff and clients.
The paella and quiz afternoon with Phil on a Wednesday is continuing to be a lot fun, with good attendance and healthy competition between clients.

We are looking into the possibility of adding another excursion exclusively for HC clients on top of the Marharba evening that we currently offer. This is proving to be a popular excursion with everyone enjoying the sunset trip very much.

The weather is continuing to be very warm and sunny with temperatures up to 30º during the afternoon, cooling down to 22º during the night. Although after the violent storms and high winds of the week the weather is now slightly cooler than before and Teide looks magnificent with its white coat of snow.


Wine Bar News:

The entertainment still proves to be a huge attraction in the wine bar, complementing the excellent food and service. Halloween was a great success and a lot of fun for all who attended. I am sure that Christmas and the New Year celebrations will be the same.

For Christmas and the New Year there will be the much loved regular entertainment from Jamie Rourke, Suzi Q and Lady Gaga. There will be a special Christmas menu and a hot buffet for New Year.

Client News:

Sadly we have to send condolences to a much loved client Colin Truss who passed away suddenly at the end of November.

Get well wishes go out to John Tucker, Judith Blease, as well as the others mentioned in the last newsletter for a return to health and happiness.

Congratulations go out to Gary John who celebrated his 21 again birthday with us here, and also to Mr and Mrs McKen, who celebrated their 21st wedding Anniversary on 28th October.  Congratulations also to John Tucker who celebrated his birthday on 4th November. Also birthday wishes to Stuart Kemp, who amazed Tracy when he disclosed his actual age! She really believed he and his lovely wife were a good 10 younger than they are!! They tell her that it is due to healthy living and a young mind,  Tracy believes it is the loving relationship that they share. They are a very romantic couple.