Come on in, the water is great!

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We are pleased to inform owners and guests of The Harbour Club that we have recently completed the installation of a brand new heating system and can now offer the use of a heated swimming pool! Now you can now enjoy the water of the heated swimming pool at a comfortable 27ºC in winter.

Member Satisfaction Survey Results – 1st quarter 2012

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Elite Club Resorts is pleased to publish the results of our member satisfaction survey results. We ask our members to complete a survey on their return home to find out their satisfaction in individual categories; responses are graded and then translated into a percentage.

The results for the 1st quarter are as follows:

Elite Fuerteventura Club – 86%

Elite Suites – 85%

The Harbour Club – 93%

Overall satisfaction – 88%

Across the 3 resorts, the highest categories for the first 3 months of the year were “Check-in/out” and “Resort Hospitality” with a magnificent 98%. This was closely followed by “Staff Response” with 96%, “Resort Maintenance” and “Unit Housekeeping” with 94%.

From the Customer Services Department in Head Office, we would like to thank our resort staff for their hard work and dedication which are responsible for such excellent results.

Love, Life and Loss

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I love my job here at HC. It is very much a family feel resort and very special to me. We know you, we join you in your journeys through your lives. We celebrate and commiserate with you. It is a wonderful feeling to be part of something so real. It is such a lovely feeling when there is good news to celebrate, that so many of you are happy to include us in your happy news. That applies to the staff and clients alike. We are a family!

The down side, is that when something awful happens we are all affected, deeply saddened and upset. This has been the way recently, with the loss of Alan Worthington’s daughter, the sudden loss of Paul Barton and also Nicola Dunn being so suddenly ill. I was very affected, very upset, and as usual, I took you all home with me and continued to get upset. Our own Hanay suffered terribly at the loss of one of her beloved dogs – whom she had rescued and loved so much for 8 years, it is so painful to see someone you care for in such pain and not be able to do very much to help.

But, in time, as with everything in life, the perspective turns, good news arrives and we carry on. We find reasons to smile and laugh, then, once again our lives become a joy. I was so happy to hear that Nicola had come through her operation and will continue to mend well, I was hopeful when I heard that John Nixon had come thruogh his surgery well and is making steady progress at home.

Then you here about the new arrivals in the world – innocent young souls, the happiness of first time grandparents, the delight of extra additions to families, weddings and other reasons to celebrate.

Dawn’s daughter Jasmine has been over to visit creating great delight for all the family.

Those of you who remember Salli, will be delighted to know that she is getting married in September – we all wish her well.

Into April now, and once again we begin our holidays. I am off to Gran Canaria this time so I will let you know how I get on in my next episode. The lovely Maria will be back to cover our holidays.

Seeing and apreciating the beauty of life is all we can do because we never know when that may be snatched away from us.

A slightly morose episode this time, but hopefully with enough bubbles, more good news and reasons to celebrate, next time will be much better!

Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!!!

See you next time!

Harbour Club News April 2012

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The hard refurbishments have almost finished, we have just 3 apartments left to be done. The soft furnishings continue to be put into place.

New excursions include a free blanket trip, a very funny dinner and drag show plus a new musical show.

Wine Bar

Great service and food continue with no changes to the current line up of enterainment ( see last month).

Condolences go to Karen Barton for the sad and sudden loss of her husband.

Get well wishes go to Nicola Dunn who will get better and come to visit us soon! This is not an option!

Get well wishes go to Christine, Phil’s wife who is continuing with more tests – hopefully they will get to the bottom of things soon.

Birthday congratulations go to Jill Jones 23/3, and also Roger Thewlis 24/3, Dodi 25/3, Nicki Anderson 08/4 and also to the ever laid back supercool Oliver Sawyers who celebrated his 15th birthday on 13/4!

Hanay from the pool bar will celebrate her birthday on 20/4 and mine also in April!

Congratulations go to Barbara Meadows and her husband Roy who celebrated 34 years of married bliss on 24/3.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Walker, and Mr and Mrs Saunders for becoming first time grandparents, also to Mr and Mrs Knowles-Bolton and Mr and Mrs Sweeney for extra additions to their families! It is wonderful to celebrate good news!

Harbour Club News

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Condolences: Go to Alan Worthington for the sad loss of his daughter.
Get well Wishes: Go to Alan Worthington – we hope all is well after the tests.
Also to John Nixon – We know you have the strength to fight this and make a full recovery!
Congratulations go to: Gary John, Carole Owen, Rob and Alison, Carole and Paul, Mrs Grundy, Tracy (daughter of Barbara Meadows) – who have all enjoyed happy celebrations whilst at HC.


We no longer offer a transfer service from the airport as the company has increased the prices so that they now equal a taxi, which can drop you outside the reception door. There are alternative services, but these can take 2, 3 or even 4 hours to get you to HC. Which puts us in a difficult situation, as we want to offer a good service, but not to extend your arrival time by so many hours.

Wine Bar News: Great food and service continue, with entertainment being provided by Jamie Rourke, Pasion, Triple A, Tanya Tevaro, Nik Page, Mama Mia and Fiona Kelly.

Elite Fuerteventura Club goes wireless!

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We are pleased to announce that Elite Fuerteventura Club and Fuerteventura Beach Club now offers a wifi internet connection. This service is available in all common areas and depending on signal strength in some apartments. Contact reception during your stay for access information (charges may apply).

(Italiano) Attenti alle truffe!

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

International praise for Canarian wines

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Many of our members and guests will already be familiar with some of the excellent wines produced in the Canary Islands. Now, in this article in the New York Times, wines from Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and La Palma all receive well deserved praise from one of the paper’s critics.

The great news for our members and guests is that they won’t have to pay US prices for Canarian wines. Have you tried any of the wines featured in the article? Can you recommend any wines to other members and guests for their visit? We are familiar with Monje and Tajinaste and can highly recommend them.

Members area now online!

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We are pleased to announce that the member’s area is now online!

Members will find members news items, reservations information together with check-in calendar and online reservation request forms, promotions and much more.

To request your login details please contact us.

Club Class companies under threat of closure.

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Elite Club Resorts is pleased to have learnt that a petition was made on 30th September 2011 by the United Kingdom Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) to close down seven Club Class companies, detailed below.

These companies are linked to ITRA, an organization whose activities are well-known both to RDO’s enforcement department and to consumer bodies such as TATOC, the UK based association for timeshare owners. A number of our own members have also had dealings with these companies in the past and know of the manner in which they operate and our cause for concern.

Club Class companies affected by the petition:
UK based Club Class Concierge Ltd
UK based Bridge View Consultants Ltd
Seychelles based Club Class concierge plc
Seychelles based Club Class International plc
Seychelles based Club Class Holdings Ltd
Seychelles based Club Class Corporation plc
Seychelles based Club Class plc

The proceedings are currently pending and an update on the outcome of the cases will be available next year.

Details of the petitions can be found in the London Gazette,