The Harbour Club family, one hug fits all! Pt. 3

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Resort News:

The refurbishments continue and as most of you are aware the maintenance fees have been held for the third year running! There are new televisions on the terrace now for you to enjoy all your favourite sports events during your stay. There is also WIFI access on our terrace.

Wine Bar News:

A wonderful atmosphere was enjoyed by all, and many thanks go to the fantastic staff of The Wine Bar for their great work over Christmas and New Year.

Into the New Year now and there will be Jamie Rourke, Suzi Q, Sweet Temptations, The Abba show, The Rock Show and Jools to entertain you.

Client News:

Condolences go to the wonderful family of Bill Jerram, who passed away in December.

Get Well wishes go to Wally Smith, who is still fighting strongly. Also to Mr Frankel senior who was taken ill during his visit to HC.

Congratulations go to the lovely granddaughter of June Hoyle, who celebrated her 18th birthday on 02/01.

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