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Elite Club Resorts members are advised to be extremely wary when dealing with other companies who promise to take their timeshare off their hands when purchasing membership of another resort or holiday club. It would appear that many companies have no intention of transferring into their name or attempting to sell weeks that they have “taken responsability for”, rather they will contact us to communicate cancellation, a cancellation which is not possible, or they will simply do nothing at all.

The only manner to discontinue membership is for the week(s) in ownership to be transferred to a new owner via our recognised procedures. Until such time as ownership is transferred in this manner, members continue to be the recognised legal owners and therefore subject to all the obligations involved with ownership, especially those regarding payment of annual maintenance fees.

A handful of owners at Elite Fuerteventura Club and The Harbour Club have purchased products from various companies which operate in this manner, and as part of their purchase have signed documents which they believe to be valid transfer documents and/or handed over their ownership/membership certificate(s).

In reality, the documents that are signed are not valid transfer documents at all and simply state that the company take responsibility for the timeshare or will deal with the transfer of it. The owner in question continues to be the legal owner of the timeshare.

We can provide information on such companies and recommend that prior to entering into any agreement we be contacted for further information.

Members are advised not to part with their ownership certificates without ensuring that the reverse of the certificate is correctly filled in by all parties involved and returned to our head office for processing. If you wish to resell your timeshare, then we advise you to deal only with companies that are members of the Resort Development Organisation. Members are also advised to be wary of companies offering a resale service which involves a visit to their offices; there is absolutely no need for this and any such visit will probably involve a presentation for a product the company sells.

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