Ready for Christmas?

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Soooo…. are you ready for Christmas? Christmas cards written and posted? All presents bought? All pigs fed and ready to fly? Whilst you may not be completely ready, you’ve probably got your tree up right?

As a child, our household was so disorganised we didn’t get the tree up it was tradition to put the Christmas tree up on Christmas Eve in yours truly’s home. However, in my own home, things are different this year it has been up since mid-November. How about you? When do you put your Christmas tree up? And when you do take it down? Do you leave it up until 12th night as tradition says you should? Here in Spain, as we celebrate the 6th January as our main gift giving day, trees often come down even later.

The Harbour Club was also prepared before the beginning of December to help members and guests get in the Christmas spirit. For those of you who won’t be over, here are a few photos.









5 Responses to “Ready for Christmas?”

  1. Jane Blagojevic
    Reply Jane Blagojevic says:

    Looking good – who did that? Tracey or Juan?! Happy Christmas to all the staff at the Harbour club xx

  2. Reply Carol & Gary says:

    Looking good. See you all on 30th December xx

  3. Reply Gerry and Anne says:

    Hi everyone. The photos are great and inviting – we may use our Xmas week next year!

    We wish you a Happy New Year – see you on 30 Jan.

  4. Reply David Durose says:

    All looking very festive see you all next week

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