Cold calling & “cold e-mailing” companies. BEWARE!!

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We will never tire of warning members about the potential dangers of dealing with companies that contact you out of the blue – either by phone or by e-mail. It’s as simple as this, if you haven’t contacted the company in question, our advice is to avoid any dealings with companies that operate in this manner.

A new(?) company is apparently doing the rounds, as an owner from The Harbour Club and another from Elite Fuerteventura Club have received e-mails. Neither recall there being any solicited contact of the company in question. Whilst we are only talking of two owners, there could be many more who have been contacted as we imagine a vast majority will (hopefully) ignore the e-mail and do nothing further. However, there could be many who do. We greatly appreciate the diligence of those owners who have let us know, as it allows us to alert you.

Far be it from us to judge this company as perhaps they offer a bona fide service, nevertheless, we do not condone their modus operandi, which seemingly involves scaremongering and cold contacting timeshare owners. E-mails are coming from a general  “” address, rather than a corporate one.

The company in question is “Holiday Opportunities” and is featured on the TATOC Cold Callers List.

Why do we object to cold calling/contacting and warn members about these companies? It’s simple: the only time that we – like the vast majority of timeshare management and development companies – will pass your details on to a third party is if this is required by law, or to process a membership or reservation. Elite Club Resorts does not sell or otherwise provide your details to third partiesso, how did this company get our member’s details and how did it know they had a timeshare?beware

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