British Harbour Club and Elite Fuerteventura Club owners… BEWARE!

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bewareWe have been contacted by a concerned owner who has been cold-called by a company that claims to help people claim against their “resort,management company,resale company,exchange provider or any other entity connected with the purchase including any provider of credit or finance.” (sic)

A quick search on the internet brings up no end of results, some of which link this company and an apparent claim group against RCI to ITRA, DWVC, Incentive Leisure Group, Personal Travel Group and Club Class (closed down by the UK Government).

Is this company and those that operate in this manner trustworthy? Have a look at the following websites and reach your own conclusions!

Mindtimeshare reports on the company in question

Mindtimeshare reports on the “RCI Action Group”

Consumers comment on the Holiday Watchdog site

Timeshare Business check website

Remember what we recommend! Don’t forget the GOLDEN RULE  – Avoid cold callers!

Elite Club Resorts recommends that members do not deal with companies that make unsolicited contact and contact us for advice regarding recommended resale companies and procedures. The TATOC website publishes a list of companies who cold call timeshare owners. Don’t forget, Elite Club Resorts is at hand to offer advice on how to make the most of your holiday ownership whether it be in Fuerteventura, Tenerife or on an exchange.

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    Have you had any dealings with similar companies?

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