Super new supermarket!

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A new operator has taken on the reins of our onsite supermarket in Elite Fuerteventura Club, sprucing it up in the process and now offers all your favourite Britsh foods that you find in leading supermarkets like Asda, Iceland, Morrissons, Sainbury’s and Tesco. “Brit Foods Corner Shop” provides owners and guests with the perfect outlet to get hold of brands and goods like HP, Sharwoods, PG Tips, OXO and Branston’s Pickle.

Is there any British product you can’t be without when away on holiday?





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  1. Reply Peter Warren says:

    I cannot believe that there are no comments or observations regarding this superb little supermarket.I came out to Elite Resorts again in March of this year, and I found this shop a joy to behold. Yes, I agree it is not as big as most supermarkets, but as I always explained to my wife, ‘it is not the size of the engine, it is the power that it developes’. I think this shop is fantastic, especially for those wishing to purchase British goods, and they sell lovely ice-cream. Long may she reign!!
    Peter Warren, annual visitor.

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