A Canary Islands’ image wins NASA’s “Tournament: Earth (2014)” competition

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NASA’s second annual Tournament: Earth internet competition ended yesterday, and the winner is an image of the Canary Islands – again! In 2013, a satellite image of a submarine volcano off of the coast of El Hierro won the the first championship. This year, the entire island chain was in the winning image. ”Trailing the Canaries,” according to the NASA Earth Observatory website, “romped through the tournament” this year. The image shows wind and wave patterns in sunglint on the lee side of the islands. Clearly our wonderful islands have a lot of fans!

In the image below, tails stretch to the southwest from each of the islands. According to NASA, the patterns are probably the result of the water surface being roughened or smoothed by winds in different places. The prevailing winds in the area come from the northeast (tradewinds), and the islands create a sort of wind shadow—blocking, slowing, and redirecting the air flow.


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