Another summer disappeared!

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Well, here we are already hurtling through October! Another summer has finished and we enjoy autumn with continuing warm temperatures.
The time seems to be passing more rapidly with each month and in no time it will be Christmas!
September brings back delightful owners and the pace slows after the speed of summer with all the young families. I have to admit, I really do like this time of year. It is always wonderful to see so many famliar faces, who are well enough and can afford the health Insurance for another year to join us once again.
The resort is extremely busy and will only calm a little for the first two weeks of December then we are so very busy right through the first half of 2014.
On personal levels there is not too much to report. Dawn has been very blessed with visits from both Jasmine and Ashley who are busy making great strides in their lives. It has been such a pleasure to see them. They are a great credit to Dawn and her husband. Juan and Susa are both very well,my life remains much the same, revolving mainly around work and my little family. My gorgeous grandson will be 2 this week – the time has passed incredibly quickly and next year Alfie will go to school!
I don’t know much from around the Village itself, there are a few people who have gone back to the UK this month as has our lovely Theresa from the Wine Bar. We see this every so often, a group of long term residents return to the Uk and they all go together, a bit like birds flying north for the Winter – quite strange!
Marilyn is still running Simple Simon’s but the Country Garden has gone and is now an excursion centre. What was Transito has now been taken over n¡by a bigger chain and is now HiperDino, better stocked than before and will deliver goods to your apartment for 4€ if the bill is under 60€ or free if your bill is 60€ plus but I have been told that there is no home delivery on a saturday.
I must give personal thanks to Christopher Rogan, Diane and Rob Grindlay, Graham and Kath Perry, Val Cousins, Jackie Cuffling for bringing me goodies from home. So very kind and very very appreciated!
I will be going back to the Uk myself in November to get some Christmas goodies for my family and I will need to buy some sweaters as I own nothing suitable for November in the UK! hehehehe
I will let you know how I get on in my next blog – Until then, stay well and happy and I am off to enjoy my bubbles!

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  1. Reply Bob Baker says:

    I hope it is a wrong spelling when you say Marilyn is (ruining) Simple Simons !!!

    • Reply Elite Club Resorts says:

      Thank you for your comment Mr. Baker, your first on the website! We hope now that you have taken the plunge, you, like others who have commented, will make more! Nevertheless, we think if you check again you’ll see that Tracy has spelt running correctly! ;) (And we promise no edit has taken place).

  2. Reply Bob Baker says:

    Someone should have gone to Spec Savers and is not me (PS I got a witness)

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