Celebrations and Calamities

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Hello to all!
What an August it has been! Extreme temperatures, on going calimas, lots of families, a fire and birthdays!
The fire on the resort was started by a discarded cigarette, thrown from the pool area into the barranco, according to the fire brigade. It happened on a very busy friday afternoon with a great many departures and arrivals. Our own Lolo was on duty at the time with Lucas from the pool bar, immediately attending to the situation, but Alexis was here within 5 minutes and both Honorio and Elias arrived very quickly.
I have to say a HUGE Thank You to Kirsty Banks-Lyon who was amazing, and very quickly organised a line of clients, staff and the local police throwing buckets of water while we waited for the bomberos to arrive.
The Wine Bar staff were also wonderful in both helping and providing everyone with water.
Over 2 hours later and fortunately, no-one was hurt, but there was damage to over 45 sunbeds, blinds on the 1 bed apartments and damage to the blinds on the terrace. The Wine was not able to open due to the smoke, ash and burning smell that was carried by the wind the whole night, but the maintenance, pool bar and Wine Bar staff all worked for many hours to have the resort clean and functioning for the following morning.
A big big thank you to all who was here and worked so very hard!
From there I will move to a happier topic with all the birthdays we have had recently on the resort. I would like extend thanks from myself and Dawn as were invited to some of these celebrations and everyone had a fabulous time. In the case of Peter Hulbert and Barbara Meadows, the celebrations were held at the Wine Bar and with Tanya Tevaro and Nick Page providing the entertainment, everyone concerned had such a great time! Thanks to the Wine Bar and all the staff for all their hard work in making these events such a success.
Now I think it must be time for a glass of bubbles accompanied by some chocolate!
Until next time!
Enjoy and take care!

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