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It is now July and the temperatures are increasing as are the number of clients on the resort!

One of the delights about working here is that we have many clients who ask us if we would like anything bringing from home. Bea likes stilton cheese, Dawn likes marmite, and then there is me!

I love beautiful lingerie that fits me properly. (sorry gentlemen, you can stop reading now!) I have been out and about a lot on this beautiful Island and I see women of all shapes and sizes. Not the situation if you wish to buy underwear! Bras come in A cup and simply increase in number. By the time I find a bra that will cover the girls sufficiently the base of the bra will go round me twice.

I have, however come across two shops so far that have proper cup sizes, unfortunately with a proper price tag! I do not feel justified in paying 90€ just for a bra that does not even do the ironing! It is the same for hosiery. I do not wish to pay 10€ for a pair of tights or stocking when you buy 3 pairs for the same price at M&S.

Returning to the subject of my last column, I decided to accessorise my bedroom and not paint it. I decided that I would buy satin sheets because they look gorgeous! It does not matter that you slide from one side of the bed and fall out of the other, they look gorgeous! It does not matter that they are freezing in the winter and stick to you like a wet shower curtain in the summer, they look gorgeous! It does not matter that I live get the idea.

So, my mission is set! Like buying pretty bras, this is not possible on this Island! I look high and low, no satin sheets! Obviously my Canarian counterparts have much more common sense than I have and for all of the above reasons decide they are not worth the trouble, so you cannot buy them anywhere!

Now I have added beautiful bedding to my list of asks from some of my most delightful female clients and friends who visit HC. This leaves me to give huge grateful thanks to some beautiful women, Anne Smart, Val Cousins, Jean Clayton and Judith Blease who help me with my female dilemmas.

While I wait for my extra special deliveries, I shall enjoy my bubbles, on my terrace, while handsome young men jog past……what a fantastic life!!!

See you next time!

2 Responses to “Goodies from home”

  1. Reply Jill Brown says:

    Hi Tracy,
    I have only just discovered this blog, and can sympathise with your love of fine lingerie…!! Didn’t realise we had similar tastes. Satin sheets eh…??? Well, if only I could persuade the other half that they are perfectly normal to have on a bed, then I would be happy. Maybe you could suggest them for the apartments..???

    We are hoping to come out to Tenerife in the early part of October, so if you have any special requests, then just let me know and I will see what I can do.

    Take care, and see you soon.
    Jill x

    • Reply Tracy says:

      Thank you for your comment Jill. I shall keep you in mind if I need anything! In regard to the sheets, I could ask the resort director. I don’t know whose response would be more fun, her’s or clients! LOL. I look forward to seeing you later in the year. Take Care Tracy

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