Hats off to David & Paul!

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A couple of weeks back on our Facebook page, we published some photos of David and owner Paul Palmer taking part in a special golf challenge. What David failed to mention to us was that this raised money for a charity. Here is the cutting from the local English newspaper. Hats off to you both!

The challenge (and the fundraising) continues!

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The challenge continues at The Harbour Club… and just in case you thought Dawn was going to get away without joining in, we have photos of Dawn joining in! Dave asks us whether or not we can spot Barbara and her husband Roy… to be honest, yours truly can’t! Can you?

Ice Bucket Fundraising

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Beatriz has confirmed that fundraising from the ICE Bucket Challenge which of course had a donation attached, has raised so far 100€ for the Spanish ALS association and the donation was made yesterday. Check the news from last week for links to make your own donation! And, as Bea nominated other staff members and owners… [...]

ICE Bucket Challenge

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The Ice Bucket Challenge came to The Harbour Club yesterday afternoon! No doubt those of you who have Facebook or accounts on other “social media” will have seen celebrities as well as friends dousing themselves with a bucket of freezing cold ice water… Of course, it’s fun (or not), but let’s not forget that it’s [...]

Congratulations to Aziel!

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In January, Aziel who has been with us for about 4 years, was promoted to Reception Manager of our Fuerteventura resorts.                   Yes, we’re a bit late… but better late than never! Congratulations and keep up the good work Aziel!

Happy Birthday Tracy!

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We would like to send our congratulations to the wonderful Tracy as it is her birthday today! The photo is a bit old (2 years) but it’s the only recent one we have of her. Dawn tells us that she wont give us a recent one if we ask, she hates having her photo taken! Not [...]

21… again!

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A little bird has told us that Keely, one of our long standing receptionists in Fuerteventura, celebrated her birthday over the weekend. Despite recent investigations, our intrepid reporters assure us that her true age is a mistery! Well, they do sat that you should never ask a lady her age… but we did! And Keely [...]

Celebrating 10 years!

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Roderick Hunt, our Operations & Project Manager, is celebrating 10 years of service! Roderick, fresh from a position as Reception Manager at another holiday ownership resort in Tenerife managed by a well known company, joined Elite Club Resorts on the 1st April 2004 as Project Manager. In 2007 he took charge of Head Office Operations. [...]