Don’t miss out! Use your week!

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More often than we would like owners miss out on a holiday because they allow their alloted week to pass by without using it or depositing it which after paying your maintenance fees is a great shame. Many think that if the week has passed all is lost… but not with Elite Club Resorts! Unlike [...]

What’s On: Virgen del Carmen Celebrations (Our Lady of Mount Carmel)

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The Virgen del Carmen (or Our Lady of Mount Carmel) is patron saint of the sea in Spain… so it is usual for fishing villages to celebrate “fiestas” in her honour in July every year. In Tenerife, many villages celebrate fiestas and one of those is Puerto Santiago, just down the road from The Harbour [...]

What does Admiral Nelson have to do with Tenerife?

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The history of Santa Cruz – Tenerife’s capital – perhaps isn’t always valued as it should be and is possibly not known to many British visitors to the island. The city actually holds the title “Most Loyal, Noble and Undefeated Town, Port and Square of Santa Cruz de Santiago” for a very good reason and [...]

Friday is Canarian Day!

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In Spain each region (or autonomous community) has its own special day, the 30th May is when the Canary Islands celebrates its special day, known as “El Día de Canarias” or Canarian Day. Various events take place in the islands to celebrate this day and it is also a “bank holiday”. This of course means [...]

48 Blue Flag Awards for Canary Islands!

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48 beaches and marinas in the ‪Canary Islands‬ were awarded Blue Flags this year thanks to their services and high water quality. That’s three more than last year! In Santiago del Teide (the area in which Los Gigantes is found), the Los Gigantes Beach (Los Guios) and Marina were both awarded the blue flag, and [...]

Harbour Club mysteries: Who (or what) are the Pink Pansies?

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Things that go bump in the night, UDOs (unidentified dancing objects)… and cryptic messages that appear on apartment doors overnight! Just who, or what, are the “Pink Pansies”? A star is born…? This is definitely a mystery that needs investigating… we’ll be busy over the weekend to see if we can find anything else out! [...]

Wednesday is Quizday with Dave! (photos)

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Our regular guests and returning owners are well aware that Wednesday is quizday with Dave… we also provide a complimentary paella! Do you have fond memories of Wednesday afternooons or are you looking forward to quizday on your next visit? To tide you over, here are a few photos from last Wednesday’s quiz. A big [...]

Happy Birthday Tracy!

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We would like to send our congratulations to the wonderful Tracy as it is her birthday today! The photo is a bit old (2 years) but it’s the only recent one we have of her. Dawn tells us that she wont give us a recent one if we ask, she hates having her photo taken! Not [...]

April showers in the Canary Islands?

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April showers are not something you would associate with the Canary Islands or Spain, but even in Spanish there is a phrase “En Abril, aguas mil” which would translate to more or less our English version of “April Showers” and showers were what we had on Saturday. In fact, it rained virtually all day Saturday… [...]

Destination: Madeira

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Madeira is a Portuguese island about 250 miles north of Tenerife in the north Atlantic Ocean claimed by sailors in the service of Infante D. Henrique in 1419, and settled after 1420. It has an extensive natural reserve, the most famous being the prehistoric and exuberant Laurissilva (laurel) forest (similar to those found in Tenerife [...]