New swimming pool decking!

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Last month we undertook work to replace the wooden decking around the pool. The new decking was fitted by an external company and is a new plastic product, ensuring quality fitting, durability and with a good guarantee.

Carnival Fun!

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As regular visitors to the Canary Islands will know, February/March is carnival time! The biggest and perhaps most important one with lots of history is no doubt Santa Cruz de Tenerife’s which is generally followed by smaller carnivals around the various villages. Los Gigantes is no different and the “fiesta” is popular, with some of [...]

Switching on of the Tree of Light in Los Gigantes

Posted in: Tenerife, The Harbour Club News- Dec 18, 2014 1 Comment

The switching on of the charity Tree of Light will take place in Los Gigantes this Saturday. The event, organised every year by the Lion’s Club in conjuntion with the council’s Social Services and Culture Department, will organise the symbolic sale of each light on the tree in order to fundraise for the purchase of [...]

Ready for Christmas?

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Soooo…. are you ready for Christmas? Christmas cards written and posted? All presents bought? All pigs fed and ready to fly? Whilst you may not be completely ready, you’ve probably got your tree up right? As a child, our household was so disorganised we didn’t get the tree up it was tradition to put the [...]

Swimming Pool Improvements

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In line with new legislation which requires various health and safety updates be made, we have recently incorporated a new safety rail to separate the kids pool from the main pool. Take a look at the contractors hard at work and the finished result.    

Our last ICE Bucket Challenge and the moment you have all been waiting for!

Posted in: Tenerife, The Harbour Club News- Sep 19, 2014 2 Comments

On Wednesday we again did the ICE Bucket Challenge, our last one sadly. But… I think you will all agree that we were all waiting for one person to get “bucketed”… and she didn’t fail us! Good old Barbara, who you will all know and love, finally took the challenge!

The challenge (and the fundraising) continues!

Posted in: Staff News, Tenerife, The Harbour Club News- Sep 11, 2014 1 Comment

The challenge continues at The Harbour Club… and just in case you thought Dawn was going to get away without joining in, we have photos of Dawn joining in! Dave asks us whether or not we can spot Barbara and her husband Roy… to be honest, yours truly can’t! Can you?

Ice Bucket Fundraising

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Beatriz has confirmed that fundraising from the ICE Bucket Challenge which of course had a donation attached, has raised so far 100€ for the Spanish ALS association and the donation was made yesterday. Check the news from last week for links to make your own donation! And, as Bea nominated other staff members and owners… [...]

ICE Bucket Challenge

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The Ice Bucket Challenge came to The Harbour Club yesterday afternoon! No doubt those of you who have Facebook or accounts on other “social media” will have seen celebrities as well as friends dousing themselves with a bucket of freezing cold ice water… Of course, it’s fun (or not), but let’s not forget that it’s [...]

Charity Night at HC Wine Bar & Terrace raises 2000 euros

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For the fourth year running The Wine Bar & Terrace held a Charity Gala Night to raise funds for Helping Hands Tenerife – charity set up to help less fortunate children on the island & Live Arico Paws – an animal welfare charity. Entertainment was provided by The Gillian Banks Theatre School on their charity [...]