The beauty of Tenerife

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This spectacular time lapse video of Tenerife is breathtaking and demonstrates how there is much much more to this beautiful island than sun, sand and sangria. Enjoy! The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

Elite Club Resorts launches Resale Service

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Elite Club Resorts is proud to announce the launch of a comprehensive Resale Service in order to help our members who may wish to resell their ownership due to changing circumstances. Here at Elite Club Resorts we realise that we have an on-going commitment to our members to provide them with a qualified resale service [...]

Carnival 2011 – Tenerife

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The 10th February saw the start of the main preparations for the Santa Cruz Carnival – undoubtedly one of Europe’s most important, if not THE most important – with the presentation of the candidates for Carnival Queen. The preparations for the main party – which converts the centre of Santa Cruz into one big street [...]

Press Release from the Office of Fair Trading

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OFT launches court action against three companies marketing or selling holiday clubs, and associated schemes 146/10    20 December 2010 The OFT has launched court action against three companies and individuals involved in the marketing or sale of holiday club memberships and other similar products, alleging that the traders mislead people about the sale of their [...]

Consumer Alert

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Elite Club Resorts members are advised to be extremely wary when dealing with other companies who promise to take their timeshare off their hands when purchasing membership of another resort or holiday club. It would appear that many companies have no intention of transferring into their name or attempting to sell weeks that they have [...]