NASA salutes the Tournament Earth Winner: Canary Islands

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As we published the other day, the second year in a row, an image from the Canary Islands won NASA’s Tournament: Earth competition. Apparently, the winning image didn’t “just win”, it romped home and of the nearly 50,000 votes cast, 96% went to the Canary Islands image! As a result, NASA decided, on its website, [...]

A Canary Islands’ image wins NASA’s “Tournament: Earth (2014)” competition

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NASA’s second annual Tournament: Earth internet competition ended yesterday, and the winner is an image of the Canary Islands – again! In 2013, a satellite image of a submarine volcano off of the coast of El Hierro won the the first championship. This year, the entire island chain was in the winning image. ”Trailing the [...]

21… again!

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A little bird has told us that Keely, one of our long standing receptionists in Fuerteventura, celebrated her birthday over the weekend. Despite recent investigations, our intrepid reporters assure us that her true age is a mistery! Well, they do sat that you should never ask a lady her age… but we did! And Keely [...]

Celebrating 10 years!

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Roderick Hunt, our Operations & Project Manager, is celebrating 10 years of service! Roderick, fresh from a position as Reception Manager at another holiday ownership resort in Tenerife managed by a well known company, joined Elite Club Resorts on the 1st April 2004 as Project Manager. In 2007 he took charge of Head Office Operations. [...]

The plane accident that never was!

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Last week, a news story suddenly appeared in Spanish and even British media, informing of a plane crash off the east coast of Gran Canaria. Apparently a Boeing 737 had crashed in the sea and was currently afloat. In the end, the news was quickly corrected as it turns out that it wasn’t a plane [...]

British Summer Time!

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Don’t forget that the clocks go forward an hour this weekend! On Saturday night (Sunday morning) at 1am, clocks should be put forward to 2am. This is the same throughout Europe and the Canary Islands are no different. And don’t forget, we have the same time as the UK throughout the year, contrary to mainland [...]

Destination: Madeira

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Madeira is a Portuguese island about 250 miles north of Tenerife in the north Atlantic Ocean claimed by sailors in the service of Infante D. Henrique in 1419, and settled after 1420. It has an extensive natural reserve, the most famous being the prehistoric and exuberant Laurissilva (laurel) forest (similar to those found in Tenerife [...]

ICE PLATINUM REWARDS – A new way to use your timeshare!

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Elite Club Resorts is excited to announce that it has joined forces with ICE Europe to offer our owners membership to ICE Platinum Rewards! IPR gives your timeshare week at Elite Club Resorts added value with extraordinary savings and selection through exclusive members-only pricing. As an IPR member you can trade your holiday weeks for [...]

New routes from UK to Fuerteventura with Jet2!

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The British airline is finalising details to start operations in Fuerteventura Airport from the 2014 summer season. From the 4th April 2014, flights will be available from Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Glasgow and East Midlands. In the case of routes with Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow, the company will reaffirm its commitment to the island extending [...]

Member Satisfaction Survey Results

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Elite Club Resorts is pleased to publish the results of our member satisfaction survey results for the first three quarters of 2013. Members are asked via e-mail to complete a survey on their return home to learn their satisfaction in individual categories; responses are graded and then translated into a percentage. The results so far [...]