Head Office Closures 2018

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Office closure

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Please note that head office will be closed today, Monday 10th August, due to maintenance and repair work. Resorts will have limited access to management systems.

Carnival Fun!

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As regular visitors to the Canary Islands will know, February/March is carnival time! The biggest and perhaps most important one with lots of history is no doubt Santa Cruz de Tenerife’s which is generally followed by smaller carnivals around the various villages. Los Gigantes is no different and the “fiesta” is popular, with some of [...]

New flights to Fuerteventura for winter

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The “winter” season – if it can be said that we experience winter here in the Canary Islands – will benefit from new routes which have been programmed by Ryanair and Thomas Cook Airlines to Fuerteventura. As of 26th October, Ryanair will have two new flights from Manchester which are scheduled for Mondays and Fridays. [...]

Cold calling & “cold e-mailing” companies. BEWARE!!

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We will never tire of warning members about the potential dangers of dealing with companies that contact you out of the blue – either by phone or by e-mail. It’s as simple as this, if you haven’t contacted the company in question, our advice is to avoid any dealings with companies that operate in this [...]

ITRA – cold calling?

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One of our UK members has informed us that they were recently contacted by phone and by e-mail by an organisation known as ITRA – “International Timeshare Refund Action”. According to our member, the first contact was made by ITRA – in other words a cold call – and they were asked if they “still [...]

Friday is Canarian Day!

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In Spain each region (or autonomous community) has its own special day, the 30th May is when the Canary Islands celebrates its special day, known as “El Día de Canarias” or Canarian Day. Various events take place in the islands to celebrate this day and it is also a “bank holiday”. This of course means [...]

British Harbour Club and Elite Fuerteventura Club owners… BEWARE!

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We have been contacted by a concerned owner who has been cold-called by a company that claims to help people claim against their “resort,management company,resale company,exchange provider or any other entity connected with the purchase including any provider of credit or finance.” (sic) A quick search on the internet brings up no end of results, [...]

Happy Birthday Tracy!

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We would like to send our congratulations to the wonderful Tracy as it is her birthday today! The photo is a bit old (2 years) but it’s the only recent one we have of her. Dawn tells us that she wont give us a recent one if we ask, she hates having her photo taken! Not [...]

April showers in the Canary Islands?

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April showers are not something you would associate with the Canary Islands or Spain, but even in Spanish there is a phrase “En Abril, aguas mil” which would translate to more or less our English version of “April Showers” and showers were what we had on Saturday. In fact, it rained virtually all day Saturday… [...]