Our last ICE Bucket Challenge and the moment you have all been waiting for!

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On Wednesday we again did the ICE Bucket Challenge, our last one sadly. But… I think you will all agree that we were all waiting for one person to get “bucketed”… and she didn’t fail us! Good old Barbara, who you will all know and love, finally took the challenge!

The challenge (and the fundraising) continues!

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The challenge continues at The Harbour Club… and just in case you thought Dawn was going to get away without joining in, we have photos of Dawn joining in! Dave asks us whether or not we can spot Barbara and her husband Roy… to be honest, yours truly can’t! Can you?

Ice Bucket Fundraising

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Beatriz has confirmed that fundraising from the ICE Bucket Challenge which of course had a donation attached, has raised so far 100€ for the Spanish ALS association and the donation was made yesterday. Check the news from last week for links to make your own donation! And, as Bea nominated other staff members and owners… [...]

ICE Bucket Challenge

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The Ice Bucket Challenge came to The Harbour Club yesterday afternoon! No doubt those of you who have Facebook or accounts on other “social media” will have seen celebrities as well as friends dousing themselves with a bucket of freezing cold ice water… Of course, it’s fun (or not), but let’s not forget that it’s [...]

Charity Night at HC Wine Bar & Terrace raises 2000 euros

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For the fourth year running The Wine Bar & Terrace held a Charity Gala Night to raise funds for Helping Hands Tenerife – charity set up to help less fortunate children on the island & Live Arico Paws – an animal welfare charity. Entertainment was provided by The Gillian Banks Theatre School on their charity [...]

What’s On: Virgen del Carmen Celebrations (Our Lady of Mount Carmel)

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The Virgen del Carmen (or Our Lady of Mount Carmel) is patron saint of the sea in Spain… so it is usual for fishing villages to celebrate “fiestas” in her honour in July every year. In Tenerife, many villages celebrate fiestas and one of those is Puerto Santiago, just down the road from The Harbour [...]

What does Admiral Nelson have to do with Tenerife?

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The history of Santa Cruz – Tenerife’s capital – perhaps isn’t always valued as it should be and is possibly not known to many British visitors to the island. The city actually holds the title “Most Loyal, Noble and Undefeated Town, Port and Square of Santa Cruz de Santiago” for a very good reason and [...]

Friday is Canarian Day!

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In Spain each region (or autonomous community) has its own special day, the 30th May is when the Canary Islands celebrates its special day, known as “El Día de Canarias” or Canarian Day. Various events take place in the islands to celebrate this day and it is also a “bank holiday”. This of course means [...]

April showers in the Canary Islands?

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April showers are not something you would associate with the Canary Islands or Spain, but even in Spanish there is a phrase “En Abril, aguas mil” which would translate to more or less our English version of “April Showers” and showers were what we had on Saturday. In fact, it rained virtually all day Saturday… [...]

NASA salutes the Tournament Earth Winner: Canary Islands

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As we published the other day, the second year in a row, an image from the Canary Islands won NASA’s Tournament: Earth competition. Apparently, the winning image didn’t “just win”, it romped home and of the nearly 50,000 votes cast, 96% went to the Canary Islands image! As a result, NASA decided, on its website, [...]